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Botanical Bee Pollen

Pros-Well tablet is made of pure, HI-Q pollen which is cultivated unpolluted according to GAP standard form Qin Hai Tibet plateau with a elevation of 3000 meters. We make the pollen spore in a state of dormancy by controlling the time, moisture and temperature in order to make sure the hyperactivity of the pollen. We use this process to make natural botanical pollen preparation.

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Concentrated Nutribank

Bee pollen is recognized as the concentrated nutribank, including various nutrition: protein 20%-25%, nucleic acid 2%, carbohydrate 40%-50%, fat 5%-10%, vitamin 19-22 kinds of amino acids, 27 kinds of macro elements and micro elements, more than 80 kinds of organized enzymes. The content of amino acid is 8 time than beef, egg and cheese. Nucleic acid is 4 times than fish and prawn, beans, livers. The content of vitamin is higher than any kinds of fruits.

Cutting prostate disease

What’s more, it contains many kinds of active ingredients in cutting disease of prostate: sterols fat-soluble activity ingredients, such as auxin(EA10) and so on, ferulaic acid -tetrame thylenediamine, some water soluble ingredients such as flavonoids and so on and micro elements Zn2+, Mn2+.

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Mutoplex mechanistic

Mechanisms and functions: restraining the hyperplasia of prostate by inhibiting the 5 alpha -reductase to obstruct the generation of DHT;improving the UT symptoms by interdicting the effect of receptor in adrenal gland and adjusting the tention of urinary tract smooth muscle; restraining the enzymed of cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase in eicosanoid chain. Preventing the composition between triene proteinum and prostaglandin, relieving congestion and dropsy of prostate , improving urination disorder traitement curatif of hyperplasia of prostate gland and inflamation.

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Combination medicine

Tamsulosin combined pros-well removing the symptoms of urethral obstruction, is more effective and significantly shorten the course of treatment; Finasteride combined with pros-well, improving curative effect and reducing Finasteride side effect incidence rate.


For benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis induced urination disorder, such as frequent micturition, urgency of urination. Urinary with white secretion, urethral burning, dribble of urine, urinary incontinence and other afore-mentioned symptoms.